Neuheiten der Spielwarenmesse

Every year, the latest products and trends are presented and awarded at the world’s largest toy fair in Nuremberg. The novelties of the toy fair show the current developments in the field of toys, both the well-known brands products are there, as well as new and previously unknown start-ups and new products. Every year, the Toys Award is presented for particularly innovative and promising new products for the various age groups.

News of the International Toy Fair 2018

In order not to completely lose track of the 100,000 new products, the 2018 trends were grouped into three categories:

  • Explore Nature
  • Team Spirit and
  • Just for fun

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We have selected some interesting products from the respective categories, which we will briefly introduce.

Explore Nature

Many children today spend most of the day indoors on game consoles, smartphones and in front of screens. „Explore Nature“ wants to give children the joy of nature and outdoor activities again. The Explore Nature trend aims to encourage children to explore nature, move outdoors and experience adventure.

With the butterfly garden  of Insect Lore, children can personally experience the development of the butterflies, from the caterpillar to the butterfly. The caterpillars can be sent from March to September and the butterflies are left in the nature after 3-5 weeks.

Jardinis culinary herbs –  nature to touch and eat is a great opportunity to sow useful, tasty and delicious plants themselves, and then to consume. Suitable are the small kitchen herbs in animal figurine pots by Goliath Toys for children from 5 years.

Schnitzmit von Schnitzkrake the mobile workbench for children from 6 years. The easy-to-use mobile workbench includes a fixing wood and a fixing strap. With the help of the construction, children can easily and safely drill, carve, nails and simply drill while out and about.

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Outdoor   Hape toys provide many opportunities for little naturalists and explorers. Whether with the telescope, the flower press, the nature detective set or the periscope, in nature, much can be discovered.

Team Spirit

In the Team Spirit category, the focus is on good cooperation between the players dieser seite. Only with the energetic support of all, the goal can be achieved. This should promote the teamwork and interaction of the children. Playfully, the little ones can already learn team and discussion skills that are later essential in professional life.

captain sonar submarine Kadri- Cube also for deaf and blined people, 2-4 players,

Magic Maze

Pirates Adventure get to an island, but that’s not so easy

Just for fun

Hyper CLuster the new yo-yo, indivisualizable for the respective presentations and needs for even better tricks

Ritter Plopper, the newest Fuggur of the Plopper. Without electronics and batteries. load foam ball and off you go: the ball flies up to 6m. for indoor and outdoor

Robo Chameleon. With his clothes singling out on Knopdrcuk.

Misio Ball Pits Ball pit in many different colors.

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